The following resources may help in ACA recovery.

Laundry List Recording - by Tony A. - Original ACA List.

An audio recording from Tony A., describing the Laundry List traits. Listen free online.
Tony A. Audio

Original ACA Research

Janet Woititz - one of the first researchers in ACA. Dr. Jan Woititz

ACA Books

Red Book

The main book used in ACA is "Adult Children of Alcoholics" (also known as the "Big Red Book").

The Big Red Book is ordered in bulk by ACA and can be purchased at the North York or any downtown meeting with advance notice. The cost is $25.00. Copies are available in hardback or softcopy.

Simply attend any meeting or to ask about book inventory.

You can also order directly from the ACA World Service Organization, which due to individual shipping, costs approximately $40.00. Click here for ordering.

Lastly, the BRB is available for purchase in digital format for $9.99.

Amazon (Kindle, Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, MAC etc.) - Go to Amazon.

Barnes & Noble (Nook, Android, iPad, iPhone, PC, MAC etc.) - Go to B & N.

Yellow Book

To purchase the 12-Step Workbook (Yellow cover, soft copy), the lowest cost option is to purchase at a meeting or at the beginning of a Step Study. Copies can also be purchased directly from ACA WSO (higher cost due to shipping) here.