The North York meeting is the first ACA meeting in the north end of Toronto. It is open to newcomers, current ACA members, other 12-Step program members and anyone who feels a need to recover from growing up in alcoholic or dysfunctional homes.

The goal, as stated by Tony A. in his book 'The Laundry List':
"ACA was designed to be a safe place to share."

Safe sharing is the focal point that runs through ACA meetings.



The North York Meeting generally includes:

  • selection from the 'Laundry List' book by Tony A. followed by sharing,
  • selection from the 'Adult Children of Alcoholics' book (aka 'Big Red Book'), followed by sharing.

Other selections may include ACA 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, a guest speaker or ACA reflections.

The closing of the Meeting includes the 7th Tradition and quarterly business items.